DOCOMO Principles

Changing worlds with you. It's more than a slogan.
It's what drives us. And when we say you, we're not speaking only to consumers, customers, and partner companies.
This includes everyone reading this involved with DOCOMO Group's work.

The new DOCOMO Group unifies NTT DOCOMO, NTT Communications, NTT COMWARE,
and all other group companies.
Alongside our current mission to connect communications, we will move forward and take on unprecedented challenges. It's time to expand and discover work styles.
And yet, we will remain true to our values, helping anyone in need and making sure no one is left behind.
Your every action represents DOCOMO Group and will generate trust in you, which in turn, generates trust in our group companies.

These three action principles for the new DOCOMO Group will help us continue our effort to earn trust with customers, society and each other, so that together, we can be a catalyst for change.
If you ever struggle at work, return to these principles.

Ask why. To improve our customers' and society's future.

Ask why. To improve our customers' and society's future.

What's important to us at DOCOMO Group?

We value our customers' future and the society that lies ahead.

However, It's not enough to only respond to customer requests or society's demands.
We must ask ourselves if we're honestly working for the benefit of our customers, and for a future society.
These questions are important, so we should rethink our approach to work.
Rather than investing our time on internal adjustments, we will endeavor to understand our customers' challenges.
It's time for a stronger link to customer value beyond satisfaction.
This means that if there's any doubt, we proactively review all operations, regardless of success. It's your dedication that makes the world better.

Take the first step.Be the change.

Take the first step.Be the change.

Once you've formed a concept to benefit customers and society, move promptly.
Today's markets change at speeds never before seen, so step up and don't overthink.
Be the first to try and the first to learn.
This attitude leads to unprecedented progress.

Keep in mind that you are the author of change. Rather than waiting for directions or for others to act, take initiative and do it.
Neither experience nor position should hold you back. You can make a difference now.
Even the smallest step can make a big difference tomorrow.

Mix it up. Your individuality is everyone's strength.

Mix it up.Your individuality is everyone's strength.

One person can only do so much, but when people band together, magic happens.
What one person or one company can't achieve can be realized by combining strengths of people and organizations.

Understand the diversity and expertise of those around you.
Concerning oneself with organizational structure only leads to tactics to gain approval.
Go beyond the hierarchy and openly exchange opinions.
It's time to transcend organizational boundaries and bring new innovations to life.
Work together and co-create with partners beyond DOCOMO Group.

When someone is trying to change things, think together, and move forward together.
Your actions generate a wave that changes worlds.

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