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Recovery Notice: NTT DOCOMO's Mobile Network and Optical Communication Lines Down Temporarily in Yonaguni Island

Sept. 15, 2020

NTT DOCOMO is pleased to announce that the optical communication service which was temporarily unavailable from 2:10 pm, Tuesday, September 15 in Yonaguni Island, have been restored and are now operating normally as of 7:35 pm, Wednesday, September 16. (The core mobile phone service was restored and is operating normally since Tuesday, September 15)

1.Service Downtime

(Mobile Service)
2:10 pm, Tuesday, September 15 through 11:47 pm, Tuesday, September 15

(Optical Communication Service)
2:10 pm, Tuesday, September 15 through 7:35 pm, Wednesday, September 16

2.Affected Service Area

Okinawa Prefecture: Yaeyama County Yonaguni Town

(Optical communication service was temporarily unavailable in some parts of the area shown above)

3.Cause(s) of Service Failure

Transmission line failure

The company apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the disrupted service and expresses its sincere gratitude for everyone's patience and understanding.

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