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December 27, 2023

Tokyu Land, NTT and DOCOMO Host IOWN WEEK Events
— APN IOWN 1.0 Next-Gen Network Demonstrated with World's First All-Photonic Web Conferences and Remote Rap Battles —

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TOKYO, JAPAN, December 27, 2023 --- Tokyu Land Corporation (Tokyu Land), NTT Corporation (NTT) and NTT DOCOMO, INC. (DOCOMO) jointly announced that they organized IOWN WEEK at the Shibuya Sakura Stage in central Tokyo from December 13 to 15 to celebrate the commercial launch of the world's first all-photonic network, APN IOWN 1.01 in urban development. This event showcased immersive platforms that enabled viewers to experience the APN IOWN 1.0 network's high speed, high capacity, low latency and zero jitter.2

During the IOWN Entertainment Event, comedians both at the event site and in remote locations engaged in rap battles and comedic performances that were conducted with very natural verbal exchanges without any communication delays, even though the performers were not in the same locations. In addition, the IOWN Web Conference held at SHIBUYA SOLASTA demonstrated exciting possibilities for corporate tenants of Shibuya Sakura Stage for the use of next-generation networks. These events marked the world's first3 implementation of remote rap battles and web conferences using an all-photonic network, APN IOWN 1.0.

Event Date Content
IOWN Entertainment Event Dec. 14 Collaborative acts combining on-site and remote comedians:
  1. Interactive games such as "Acchi Muite Hoi" ("Look Quickly!")
  2. Remote rap battles
  3. Comedy performances
IOWN Web Conference Dec. 13-15 Web conference system demonstration:
  1. 4K video reception.
  2. Remote presentation from a connected site.
  3. Interpretation with audio output close to speaker's own voice.

Tokyu Land and the NTT Group4 entered into a collaboration agreement on June 7 to utilize technologies and services related to NTT's IOWN concept5 for innovative urban development, such as using the all-photonic IOWN network in smart systems that significantly reduce urban power consumption. As the first initiative of this collaboration, the APN IOWN 1.0 network was brought online at the Shibuya Sakura Stage building on December 11.

APN IOWN 1.0 enables the uncompressed transmission of 4K video and remarkably clear audio transmission, both of which will be used to enhance live entertainment experiences by allowing remote performers to collaborate as if they were together on the same stage. In office environments, these advanced capabilities will facilitate collaboration with remote participants as if they were all physically in the same place, for example, to edit video across multiple locations simultaneously.

Shibuya Sakura Stage
Shibuya Sakura Stage

Going forward, Tokyu Land and the NTT Group will use APN IOWN 1.0 to create other ultra-fast, low-latency communication environments, focusing on the greater Shibuya area.6

  1. An All-Photonics Network service, launched by NTT East and NTT West in March 2023, utilizes exclusive optical wavelengths across the entire communication network. New window
  2. By employing time-division multiplexing (fixing transmission time to differentiate information), delays and packet loss due to traffic conditions are minimized.
  3. As of November 22, 2023, based on research conducted by NTT DOCOMO.
  4. NTT Corporation, NTT DOCOMO, and NTT East.
  5. Network and information-processing infrastructure that utilize innovative technologies centered around optics for high-speed, large-capacity communication and massive computing resources. New window
  6. Area within a 2.5km radius of Shibuya Station (defined by the Tokyu Group) targeted for urban development (Greater SHIBUYA 2.0) integrating work, recreation and living in a sustainable community. New window
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