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November 22, 2023

DOCOMO to Showcase Diverse Technologies at docomo Open House '24
— Creating new value for society together with partners —

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TOKYO, JAPAN, November 22, 2023 --- NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today that “docomo Open House '24 — Co-creation starts here.” will take place at the Tokyo International Forum (Hall E1) next January 17 and 18, and the New windowonline version of the Open House will be accessible from January 17 until February 29. This year's version of the annual event will showcase 31 exhibits, which will be viewable at a New windowpreview site that is launching on November 22 at 3:00 pm (JST).

The Open House will provide visitors with opportunities to learn about the positive impact of DOCOMO's advanced technologies on society as well as DOCOMO's commitment to contributing to society through collaboration with various partners.

In order to ensure that as many people as possible can experience the exhibits and demonstrations firsthand, web registrations for visiting the event site in person will be newly introduced this year. Registration via the New window preview site will also begin today.

31 exhibits will cover a wide range of fields, including technologies for 5G Evolution & 6G, urban design, transportation, communication, generative AI, and metaverse/XR. Under the theme “Wonder fuels the future.”, the exhibits will be accompanied by wonder panels expressing the aspirations of each technology and its potential benefits for future society.

docomo Open House '24 Co-creation starts here.


1. docomo Open House'24

This event will showcase the 31 exhibits,*1 that represent a wide range of advanced technologies and projects being developed within the DOCOMO Group, categorized into six fields: 5G Evolution & 6G, communication, urban design, transportation, generative AI, and metaverse/XR. Within the communication category, one of the exhibits will showcase the advanced technology of human-augmentation platform, introducing a new style of communication that allows the sharing of body movements, sensations, and emotions. For generative AI, visitors can experience a safe and secure AI service optimized for each customer by combining DOCOMO's big data and AI technology combined with generative AI.

2. Wonder Panels

All 31 exhibits will be accompanied by wonder panels on the displayed technologies. The panels, written in the form of questions, will encourage visitors to think about these technologies and their future applications in society. For example: “Can radio waves become as commonplace as air?”, “Can we stop internet fakes?” and “Is there generative AI aligned with business demands?”.*2 It is hoped that the panels will encourage visitors to join DOCOMO in imagining the many exciting possibilities and benefits to be realized through advanced technologies.

Wonder Panels

3. Online Event Site

The online event site for the Open House will detail DOCOMO's related initiatives and challenges, as well as the wonder panels, based on the event's key message: “Wonder fuels the future.”. In addition, the site will present videos in which the actual developers provide in-depth explanations of the technologies incorporated in the 31 exhibits.

  1. Subject to change without notice.
  2. Panel contents are up to date as of this announcement.
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