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September 16, 2022

NTT DOCOMO Announces Organizational Changes to Boost Global Growth

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TOKYO, JAPAN, September 16, 2022 --- NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today organizational changes, effective October 2, designed to strengthen the new DOCOMO Group and the execution of its business strategies, including the dissolution of the Global Business Division and transfer of its functions to other units engaged in overseas business, aiming to accelerate global expansion of the DOCOMO Group's corporate business, Smart Life business and consumer business as well as strengthen business rollouts both in and outside of Japan.

1. New Global Business Department under Network Division

The Global Business Department will be newly established under the Network Division to grow 5G Open RAN Ecosystem (OREC) and related initiatives, including the global deployment of Open RAN (O-RAN) mobile systems and their constituent virtualized base stations (vRAN) for flexible and scalable multivendor interoperability.

The reorganized Network Division will comprise the following departments:

Unit Basic Description
Network Division Construction and operation of networks, including devices, and development of service platforms.
  Network Department Development of network construction plans and operational policies; overall investment planning for network construction; and standardization-related activities at ITU-R and other fora, including spectrum negotiations.
Service Design Department Development, construction, operation and maintenance of servers, common platforms and application systems for i-mode, sp-mode and cloud services; development, launch support and technical assistance for cloud-service devices; and technical assistance for business-promotion departments.
Radio Access Network Engineering Department Facility construction planning, execution and progress management; securing infrastructure; design/construction management; and construction testing/coordination for radio access network.
Core Network Engineering Department Facility construction planning, execution and progress management; design/construction management; and construction testing/coordination for core network.
Network Service Operation Department Network surveillance/control, operation and maintenance management; disaster/critical-failure countermeasures; and technical support for mobile communications systems.
Communication Device Support Department Repair of terminal devices; operation and maintenance of device after-sales services; and maintenance of device applications.
Infrastructure Design Department Planning and construction of transmission, building and power facilities of radio and enterprise networks.
Global Business Department (new) Global business deployment and promotion of OREC initiatives including O-RAN and vRAN.

2. New Global Business Office under Corporate Strategy & Planning Department

The Global Business Office will be newly established under the Corporate Strategy & Planning Department to drive the Group's global strategies and global business rollouts in each business sector, as follows:

Organization name Business description
Corporate Strategy & Planning Department Development of basic strategies and planning; organization of management meetings; and management of tariff systems, interconnection, accountability, organization structure and sustainability.
  Global Business Office (new) Development of global strategies and promotion of global business expansion.
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