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April 4, 2022

DOCOMO Launches Carbon-neutrality Website to Encourage Climate Action

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TOKYO, JAPAN, April 4, 2022 --- NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today that it has launched the CaboneuTM Community website (New window where the general public, opinion leaders, companies and nonprofit organizations can share information on implementing eco-friendly actions in everyday life for increased carbon neutrality. The initiative is an extension of the Caboneu ecosystem DOCOMO launched last September as part of its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its business activities effectively to zero by 2030.

The website includes articles about how people are leading eco-friendly lifestyles, information on related events and initiatives, and a members' page that can be personalized to the preferences of each registered user.

In a related initiative, DOCOMO will set up a Caboneu booth at one of Japan's largest environmental events, Earth Day Tokyo 2022, in central Tokyo's Yoyogi Park on April 16-17 (Sat. & Sun.). The booth will promote the Caboneu Community and provide hands-on experiences for participants to learn about the global environment.

Going forward, DOCOMO will continue pursuing sustainable corporate development, aiming to help create a more secure, convenient and prosperous world for all generations.

Caboneu is a trademark of NTT DOCOMO INC.
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