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September 1, 2021

DOCOMO and Far EasTone Telecommunications to Collaborate On Streaming Multi-angle Video Content in Taiwan
— "KIMETSU NO YAIBA the Stage" musical to be streamed via friDay Video service —

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TOKYO, JAPAN, September 1, 2021 --- NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today that in an effort to develop global markets for mobile content in the emerging 5G era, it has agreed with Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (FET), one of Taiwan's largest mobile operators, to collaborate on streaming Japanese multi-angle video content via FET's friDay Video service in Taiwan.

The initiative will help DOCOMO to verify the popularity and price points for Japanese multi-angle content in the Taiwanese market, which is part of the company's broader effort to distribute Japanese mobile video content outside of Japan as 5G takes hold.

Multi-angle video allows viewers to select camera angles for highly personalized viewing experiences when watching video content such as concerts, stage performances or sports.

"KIMETSU NO YAIBA the Stage" which is based on the popular Japanese manga "Demon Slayer," merges the worlds of manga and stage performance as a musical. A multi-angle broadcast of the musical will be streamed on-demand with Chinese subtitles via FET's New windowfriDay Video platform from September 15, 2021 to August 31, 2022.

The friDay Video platform streams diverse content, including movies, dramas, concerts, animations, cartoons, puppet shows, news and more. It is compatible with multi-angle video content viewable on smartphones, PCs, tablets and smart TVs.

"KIMETSU NO YAIBA the Stage" was performed live in Tokyo in 2020 and streamed nationwide via "d Anime Store," DOCOMO's anime video-streaming service in Japan, in February and October-November last year.

FET is working to expand its offerings of multi-angle content, including Japanese content such as anime which is highly popular in Taiwan.

Going forward, DOCOMO and FET will continue collaborating to provide viewers in Taiwan with all-new ways to enjoy mobile video content in the 5G era.

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