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March 27, 2019

DOCOMO to Further Expand 5G Trials with Overseas Partners
— Initiates business co-creation with cross-border partners —

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TOKYO, JAPAN, March 27, 2019 --- NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today that it has agreed with enterprises and organizations in the United States and Israel as well as Japan to collaborate in trials involving a 5G mobile test network established in Guam with the aim of verifying 5G-compatible systems and equipment for new business solutions.

The trials will involve Field Partners, Solution Partners and DOCOMO as the provider of the 5G test network. Solution Partners will develop and provide solutions incorporating 5G systems and equipment and Field Partners comprising companies and organizations will use these solutions in practical applications on an experimental basis for testing and verification.

The Field Partners include the electricity utility Guam Power Authority, the University of Guam Office of Information Technology, and major enterprises and organizations in Guam engaged in such diverse fields as bridal services and a marathon administrative office. They will test various solutions that incorporate 5G's extra-high-speed, large-capacity and low-latency technologies, including a remote training system using high-definition virtual reality, a monitoring system using AI surveillance cameras to detect suspicious individuals, and many others.

DOCOMO also announced today that it has launched its DOCOMO 5G Open LabTM GUAM, its first center outside of Japan for verifying 5G technologies. The facility will provide a 5G trial environment that companies from Japan and other countries can use to verify 5G solutions. Field Partners will be able to use the network for outdoor testing of new services that incorporate equipment compatible with 5G networks. To utilize this network, in addition to Japanese companies, a number of overseas ventures with advanced 5G technology have announced that they will participate in cross-border 5G testing with DOCOMO as part of the 5G Open Partner Program. The program promotes partner collaboration with the aim of creating innovative 5G services. There are already more than 80 overseas companies and organizations participating in the program.

Going forward, DOCOMO will further collaborate with partners in Japan and overseas, to create new value and businesses through 5G that solve social issues for a brighter future.

5G Trials Overview

Fields Partners Solution Partner(s) Details
Guam Power Authority
(electricity utility)
Humaneyes Technologies Ltd.
(Israeli VR camera developer)
5G virtual-reality training
Live video using a 360-degree high-definition VR camera (Vuze XR) for remote training of new technicians
Aegis Systems Inc.
(U.S. developer of object-detection AI)
5G monitoring with AI technology
High-speed video processing of AI surveillance cameras to reduce costs of nighttime surveillance at an electrical substation
University of Guam Office of Information Technology PLEN Robotics Inc.
(Japanese developer of facial-recognition technology)
5G education
Low-cost AI-based robot system for identifying examinees at test sites via high-speed, low-latency 5G network
Smart Home Sentry, Inc.
(U.S. developer of motion-detection AI)
5G monitoring with AI technology
High-speed processing of video from AI-based surveillance camera to detect abnormal behavior and suspicious individuals on campus at night
ARLUIS Wedding Guam
(Guam-based wedding services)
(Japanese developer of video streaming software)
5G live streaming of multi-screen video
High-definition video system incorporating multiple cameras to allow people to richly experience wedding ceremonies from remote locations
United Airlines Guam Marathon Organizer Flashframe
(U.S. photo-sharing platform provider)
5G sports
High-speed, large-capacity, low-latency system for uploading official photos from United Airlines Guam Marathon 2019 this coming April 14
  NS Solutions Corporation
(Japanese system integrator)
Meritech Co., Ltd.
(Japanese software developer)
Space Entertainment Laboratory
(Japanese integrator of aerospace technologies)
5G drones
System for wide-area, extended-flight monitoring of remote areas, such as the ocean and jungles, using special ocean-going drones
  JTB Corp
(Japanese travel agency)
5G tourism
Services to provide tourists with increased safety, convenience and excitement
  Sony Corporation
(Japanese electronics maker)
5G AI robotics
Remote outdoor operation of concept vehicle equipped with high-definition video cameras and high-definition 4K digital signage
  • DOCOMO 5G Open Lab is a trademark of NTT DOCOMO, INC.

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