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We have stopped providing Disaster Voice Messaging Service on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

How to Send Messages

Step 1
[1] Select "Menu" → "TEL function" → "Disaster Voice Messaging".
Step 2
[2] Check the user agreement screen, and then select "YES" to use the service.
  • If you select "YES (default)", this screen is no longer displayed when you use the service.
Step 3
[3] Enter the other party's phone number, press the enter key, and select "Confirm".
Step 4
[4] Screen for checking whether the service is available.
Step 5
[5] Select "Next".
Step 6
[6] Select "Record".
Step 7
[7] Message recording starts when the bleep sound is output after the voice guidance.
Step 8
[8] After recording your message, press "End" to start sending the message.
  • Alternatively, you can end recording by pressing the End key.
  • If message recording exceeds 30 seconds, the screen changes to the send screen automatically.
Step 9
[9] Your message is being sent.
Step 10
[10] Sending the message is complete.

How to Receive Messages

Step 1
[1] Select the URL link in the received SMS message.
Step 2
[2] Select "PLAY".
Step 3
[3] Downloading messages.
Step 4
[4] Play the message after downloading.
Step 5
[5] To save the downloaded message, select "Save".
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