October 30, 2012

About the Provision of docomo nano UIM Cards

Thank you for using NTT DOCOMO services and products.

DOCOMO has been providing a docomo SIM Card (docomo UIM Card or docomo mini UIM Card) to any customer who wishes to insert and use a docomo SIM Card in another carrier's device with an unlocked SIM lock. DOCOMO is now also able to provide docomo nano UIM Cards.

<Provision start time>

docomo SIM Card Provision start time
docomo nano UIM Card Thursday, November 1, 2012

<Handling fee>
A contract handling fee of ¥3,150 applies in the case of a new DOCOMO line subscription.1

<Where to apply>
docomo Shops around the country

<Explanation to customers regarding the main points of concern>
For customers who wish to insert and use docomo SIM Cards in other carriers' devices with unlocked SIM locks, docomo Shops will explain the main points of concern including that some devices of other carriers cannot be used because, for example, the communications method differs and that the services2 of i-mode, sp-mode, etc. that can be used may be limited, as well as provide information on usage charges for packet communications, etc. and how to have another carrier's device with an unlocked SIM lock repaired.
For details on usage charges and the procedure and the points explained to customers, check "Procedure to Use Another Carrier's Mobile Phone or Other Device with a docomo SIM Card".

  • notice1 A SIM card is issued for free when you apply for a DOCOMO line subscription at the same time.
  • notice2 This refers to the services of i-mode, sp-mode, etc., functions incorporated in the device, downloaded applications, etc.

DOCOMO continues to strive to improve services, and we ask for your understanding and cooperation with this issue.

noticeAmounts listed include consumption tax. Please note that for the actual bill the amount of the tax is calculated from the total of individual items excluding tax so the billing amount may differ from the total of individual items including tax.

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