DOCOMO and Omron Healthcare to Establish “docomo Healthcare, Inc.”


TOKYO, JAPAN, July 2, 2012 --- NTT DOCOMO, INC., Japan’s leading mobile operator and provider of integrated services centered on mobility, and Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd., one of the largest Japanese manufactures of health and medical equipment and health management services, announced today their joint establishment of docomo Healthcare, Inc., a new company that will design, develop and provide a wide range of innovative healthcare support services.

docomo Healthcare, Inc. will link smartphones with Omron Healthcare instruments, such as body composition, blood pressure and sleep monitors, to enable customers to easily gather the readings and upload them to the cloud, integrating various types of information for seamless and complete management of health-related data.

The new company will also offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of all lifestyles and the various stages of life by cooperating with various content providers, including companies in health-related fields.

By the end of March 2013, DOCOMO’s i Bodymo® and docomo Healthcare services will be combined with Omron Healthcare’s WellnessLINK, a data-linking service for measurement devices, to offer new and comprehensive healthcare support services.

Through the establishment of this new company, DOCOMO and Omron Healthcare will tap the resources of both companies to make a full-scale entry into the healthcare services market and vastly advance healthcare communications.

1. About docomo Healthcare, Inc.

CEO: Hajime Takebayashi
Established: July 2, 2012
Areas of Business: Platform business centered on the management, use and sharing of physical, health and medical data
Capital: 1.3 billion yen
Capital Reserve: 1.3 billion yen
Ownership: NTT DOCOMO 66%, Omron Healthcare: 34%

2. Company logo

docomo Health Care

3. Business Outline

3. Business Outline


NTT DOCOMO is a world-leading integrated-services company centered on mobility. The company serves over 60 million mobile customers in Japan via advanced wireless networks, including a nationwide 3G network and one of the world’s first commercial LTE networks. Leveraging its unique capabilities as a mobile operator, DOCOMO is a leading developer of cutting-edge technologies for NFC mobile payments, mobile GPS, mobile TV, intuitive mobile assistance, environmental monitoring, smart grids and much more. Overseas, the company provides technical and operational expertise to eight mobile operators and other partner companies. NTT DOCOMO is listed on the Tokyo (9437), London (NDCM) and New York (DCM) stock exchanges. Please visit for more information.


About Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Omron Healthcare, headquartered in Kyoto, is a global leader in home health care monitoring. The company offers a wide range of home devices and services that help prevent and manage lifestyle diseases such as home blood pressure monitor, body composition monitor and activity counter as well as medical devices such as arteriosclerosis screening device and visceral fat monitor in more than 100 countries. For more information on Omron Healthcare, visit

i Bodymo is a registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO, INC. in Japan.

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