NTT DoCoMo Unveils 23 Handsets in New 905i and 705i Series

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TOKYO, JAPAN, November 1, 2007 --- NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and its eight regional subsidiaries announced today 23 new handsets available in a total of 75 colors in the new 905i and 705i series.

All 10 handsets in the 905i series are variously equipped for advanced functions and convenient services, including 3G/GSM international roaming, HSDPA, "One-segment" mobile TV, GPS location information, enhanced "2in1" combining the capabilities of two phones in one handset, and the DCMX™ credit card and iD™ credit payment services.

The 905i series also offers upgraded entertainment value, including the Music & Video Channel™ service and "Chokkan Game" intuitive motion/voice-activated gaming. The series provides enhanced mobile convenience, such as easy-to-read interactive maps that show routes to desired destinations. The series also comes with an expanded Kisekae Tool™ for detailed customization of screen layouts, calendars and other phone content, as well as optional extra-large text for easy viewing. In addition, 905i phones are compatible with the new "Area mail" disaster information service, which automatically provides people in disaster areas with vital information.

The 705i series comprises 13 new handsets that sport slim, sophisticated designs and are packed with a surprising array of full-spec features. The lineup of 705i handsets includes the world's slimmest clamshell and waterproof models, as well as the slimmest handset configured for One-segment. Advanced services are available with the series, such as HSDPA (including the L705iX model offering ultrahigh-speed data communication up to 7.2Mbps), Osaifu-Keitai™ and 3G/GSM international roaming, as well as One-segment terrestrial digital broadcasting. The 705i series also boasts models designed by "amadana"-brand consumer-products maker Realfleet and motion-graphics creator TGB Design.

Launch Schedule for 905i Series

On or after November 26, 2007 D905i, F905i, N905i, P905i, SH905i, SO905i and N905iμ
January - February 2008 Cyber-shot™ Handset SO905iCS and AQUOS™ Handset SH905iTV
February - March 2008 VIERA® Handset P905iTV

Launch Schedule for 705i Series

January - February 2008 D705iμ, N705iμ, P705iμ, D705i, F705i, L705i, N705i and P705i
February 2008 NM705i, SH705i, SO705i, and PROSOLID μ (P705iCL)
February - March 2008 L705iX

Features of 905i Series Models

1. Enhanced international roaming in 154 countries/regions (105 for i-mode)

  • 3G/GSM international roaming service
    • Covers more than 99 percent of countries/regions that Japanese visit.
    • About 4,000 Japanese-language i-mode sites abroad, covering regular i-mode information plus useful travel-information sites.
  • Voice-activated Japanese-English translation
    • Spoken words are translated and displayed as text on phone screen.
  • Expanded i-area
    • Area information (via i-mode) based on user's location, such as weather, shops and restaurants. Service in 20 counties/regions from February 2008.

2. Full-spec entertainment

  • Music & Video Channel
    • Upgraded version automatically downloads music and video programs at night.
    • Expanded lineup of music programs, animation and comedy videos.
  • One-segment terrestrial digital broadcasting
    • Screens measuring more than 3 inches for widescreen (16:9) TV.
    • Capability to record TV programs.
    • Multi-window display for i-mode e-mailing while viewing TV.
  • Video clips (10MB i-motion™)
  • Windows Media® Video files
  • Uta-hodai™ music downloads
    • Full-track music from providers (via i-mode) for flat monthly fee.
  • Provider-recommended music
    • Providers introduce music based on user's listening history.
  • Interactive Chokkan Game
    • Games react intuitively to finger movements, tilting/waving of handset and even spoken words.
  • Flash® Lite™ 3
    • Broadens range of Flash files available as i-mode content.

3. Enhanced conveniences

  • GPS map application
    • HSDPA capability speeds up scrolling and scaling of maps displayed in high definition on VGA widescreens.
    • i-area, phonebook and imadoco kantan search™ service work seamlessly with maps.
    • Speeds up to 3.6Mbps for enhanced full browsing and downloading of video clips, WMV files and Chaku-Uta Full® full-track music.
  • Voice-activated applications (word translation and map-based route finder)
  • Preinstalled with DCMX mobile credit card and iD credit payment platform applications.
  • Osaifu-Keitai e-wallet services listed on top of main menu.
  • Upgraded Kisekae Tool for greater customization of screen layouts, calendars and other phone content.
  • Upgraded 2in1 (combines capabilities of 2 phones in 1 handset)
    • When switching between modes (phone numbers), automatic voicemail is automatically disabled for active mode and enabled for inactive mode. Also, either the out-of-range or voicemail prerecorded message can be set for all incoming calls to the inactive number.

4. Security tools

  • Area mail support
    • Free mail service that ensures delay-free transmission of evacuation instructions from various government sources to people in disaster-struck areas.
  • Software download notification
    • Automatic notification of updates for phone software.
  • Clear VGA font
    • Menu text can be quickly changed to larger font for easier viewing.

905i Series

D905i F905i N905i P905i

SH905i SO905i N905iμ F905iCS

P905iTV SH905iTV

705i Series

D705iμ N705iμ P705iμ D705i

F705i L705i L705iX N705i

NM705i P705i SH705i SO705i


Updated on November 5, 2007

Main Specifications of FOMA 905i Series

Selected Services and Features Available in 905i Series

Main Specifications of FOMA 705i Series

Selected Services and Features Available in 705i Series

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