NTT DoCoMo Tightens Security Measures Following Information Leak


TOKYO, JAPAN, April 28, 2005 --- NTT DoCoMo, Inc. announced today the implementation of stringent new security measures following a leak of the personal information of some mobile phone subscribers who had received special discounts after the Mid-Niigata Prefecture Earthquake in 2004. DoCoMo announced the leak on February 14.

The new measures are as follows:

1) Enhanced monitoring of the security room

  • Increased number of monitoring cameras in the security room
  • Partitioned the security room, and restrictions on people moving from section to section
  • Decreased number of people allowed to enter the security room

2) Enhanced security education

  • Company-wide employee education program on the importance of protecting and managing customer information / Warn all employees of the need to handle customer information appropriately during data processing and other work
  • Company-wide employee education program on the Personal Information Protection Law

3) Enhanced monitoring of security measures

  • Examinations of operations and systems that handle customer information and immediate correction of problems
  • Periodic on-site inspections of departments including the security room that handle customer information

Following the leak, DoCoMo conducted an internal investigation and cooperated with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's investigation.

DoCoMo has also decided to penalize Masao Nakamura, President and CEO, Kunio Ishikawa, Senior Executive Vice President, and an employee who was in charge of the issue to take responsibility for the leak of personal information.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications issued guidance to DoCoMo today in regard to the data leak and DoCoMo's response. DoCoMo will thoroughly implement the new security measures to ensure that such leaks do not recur and to regain the confidence of customers and society as a whole.

About NTT DoCoMo
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