NTT DoCoMo to Launch 901i Series of 3G FOMA Handsets

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- SH901iC to be First Model Marketed -

TOKYO, JAPAN, November 17, 2004 --- NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and its eight regional subsidiaries announced today the new 901i series, DoCoMo's most advanced-ever series of 3G FOMA® handsets, featuring greatly enhanced audio. The SH901iC will be released nationwide on November 26, 2004, with other models to follow.

The 901i series will offer surround-type 3D Sound for highly realistic experiences with ringing-tones, i-appli™ games and other applications. Three models will be equipped with FeliCa smart-card technology and will also offer a function for remotely locking either the smart-card functions or all phone functions if the handset is lost or misplaced, simply by calling the handset from a registered phone number.

The main features of the 901i series include:

  1. Twin stereo speakers and spatially enhanced sound quality thanks to 3D Sound, which gives users the sensation of being surrounded 360 degrees by sound when listening to ringing tones and other audio content.

  2. ChakuMotion™ and ChakuUta® file sizes have been increased to 500 KB, up from 300 KB in previous series, for saving and playing longer, higher-quality audio-video files. Ring tone files have been increased to 100 KB.

  3. i-mode FeliCa smart-card technology models (F901iC, N901iC and SH901iC) come with remote lock, which enables the handset to be locked remotely from a preset phone number (public phone also possible) to prevent use by a third party in the event that the handset is lost or misplaced.

  4. Increased size for mail attachments, up from 100 KB to 500 KB, enabling users to send one-mega pixel images and longer, high-quality i-motion™ files.

  5. G-Guide for accessing TV program listings as much as eight days in advance and downloading up to two days' worth of detailed information about programs. The feature supports genre and keyword searches, customized settings and registration to receive information on favorite programs automatically. There is no monthly i-mode® data fee, but packet data fees apply when acquiring data. The handset can also be used as a remote control to operate not only TVs, but also HDD, DVD-D, and VTR machines.

  6. Improved Flash functionality to enable providers to access handset data (e.g., time, signal strength and battery level) for rich-content applications.

  7. Security Scan for automatically determining whether programs and data acquired from outside sources contain anything that might cause a security problem for handset operation.

  8. Decorative emails created with a wide array of Deco-mail® templates preinstalled in 901i series handsets will be viewable with any DoCoMo phone (non-901i/900i handsets must use URL for viewing), as part of DoCoMo's enhancement of this 901i/900i service from December.

For more details about the new 901i series models, please see the attachment.

Main Features and Specification of Models of FOMA 901i Series

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