NTT DoCoMo Develops First Dual Network FOMA Handset N900iL

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TOKYO, JAPAN, July 13, 2004 ---NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and its eight regional subsidiaries announced today development of the "N900iL," a dual network 3G FOMA® handset that runs on both FOMA and wireless LAN networks. The handset, which is scheduled to be marketed in Fall 2004, has been specifically designed to support the new PASSAGE DUPLE™ system that was developed by DoCoMo to integrate the two-network operation.

Under the PASSAGE DUPLE system, the N900iL may be used as a standard FOMA handset, as well as an in-house VoIP phone utilizing a company's internal wireless LAN network. The dual-network solution targets corporate users, and will be marketed through DoCoMo's corporate business division and partner companies. The system will not be available through DoCoMo shop locations.

Business users can prioritize standby for incoming calls from either FOMA or the wireless LAN network, or set the handset on dual mode to receive calls from both networks. The handset also comes with a browser function that may be used either inside or outside the office, which allows users to browse items such as schedules, web mail, and documents saved on intranet servers.

Standard telephone functions including call hold and call transfer may also be performed via the wireless LAN network mode.

The new handset comes with a "presence function," which indicates the status of the called party when a call is made between two N900iL handsets registered in the same wireless LAN network. The caller can use the onscreen "presence function" in order to immediately confirm whether the called party is on line, off line, in a meeting, out of the office, on a business trip, etc.

In addition, users may engage in instant messaging between N900iL handsets over the wireless LAN network.

Please see the attachment for the main specifications.


Main Specifications of the N900iL
(This is subject to change)

Height x width x thickness (folded)
Approx. 102 x 48 x 27 mm
(excluding camera)
Weight Approx. 120 grams
Wirelss LAN IEEE802.11b international standard
Continuous Stand-by Time FOMA:
Approx. 280 hours (Static)
Approx. 230 hours (Dynamic)

Wireless LAN: Approx. 230 hours

Dual mode: Approx. 150 hours
Continuous Talk Time FOMA: Approx. 140 minutes
VoIP: Approx. 160 minutes
Continuous Video Calling Approx. 80 minutes
Main LCD Approx. 2.2 inches (320 x 240 dots); 65,536 colors; QVGA; TFT
Sub LCD Approx. 0.96 inches (30 x 120 dots); 4,096 colors; semi-transparent STN
External Memory Device miniSD™ Memory Card
Camera Outer: CCD camera
Effective resolution: Approx. 1 mega pixels
Recorded resolution: 2 mega pixels

Inner: CCD camera
Effective resolution: Approx. 110,000 pixels
Recorded resolution: 100,000 pixels
Colors Silver

Dynamic stand-by time: An estimate of continuous stand-by time when the terminal is in transit and remains closed within an area where reception is normal.
Static stand-by time: An estimate of continuous stand-by time when the terminal is motionless.
This handset does not feature i-appli™ DX, Infrared Communications, or Chara-den.
Continuous stand-by time and talk time for wireless LAN will change depending on access point configuration.

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