COSMOTE Mobile Telecommunications S.A. to Launch i-mode Service in Greece


TOKYO, JAPAN, June 3, 2004 --- NTT DoCoMo, Inc. reported that COSMOTE Mobile Telecommunications S.A. announced that they will begin marketing DoCoMo's i-mode® service to the Greek market on June 7, 2004. The service in Greece, which will take place via COSMOTE's GPRS network, marks the ninth market for i-mode, following introduction to the service in Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Belgium, France, Spain, and Italy.

COSMOTE is Greece's leading mobile operator, both in terms of subscribers and profitability. DoCoMo concluded an agreement in November 2003 to provide COSMOTE with know-how, technologies and patents necessary to launch the i-mode service.

DoCoMo sees great potential for i-mode growth in Greece, which is a major European market for mobile communications with its national population of approximately 11 million people.

DoCoMo and COSMOTE will also cooperate on the introduction of i-mode in other markets where COSMOTE maintains subsidiaries or manages operations, including AMC in Albania, Globul in Bulgaria, and COSMOFON in Macedonia.

For further details regarding COSMOTE's i-mode service, please contact their Media Communications office at +30-210-6177-566, To contact their Investor Relations Department, please use +30-210-6177-790 or

Outline of i-mode service in Greece
1) Operator: COSMOTE Mobile Telecommunications S.A.
2) Launch date: June 7, 2004
3) Area: COSMOTE's GPRS network in Greece
4) Network: GPRS
5) Handsets: NEC N331i, NEC N400i and NEC N410i as well as Panasonic P341i. All are equipped with a dual browser to view i-mode-compatible HTML and WML1.X content.
6) Service includes:
  1. More than 100 sites at the time of launch, which are available in the following languages: Greek and/or English
  2. 14 major categories, as follows:
    1) News/Weather
    2) Finance
    3) Sports
    4) Mobile Banking
    5) Maps & Info
    6) Entertainment
    7) Lifestyle / Showbiz
    8) Astrology / Humour
    9) Ringtones
    10) Pictures & Cartoons
    11) Games
    12) Travel & Reservations
    13) On line shopping
    14) Chat & Date
  3. i-mode mail availability
  4. MMS transmission compatibility
7) Charges:
Basic monthly fee: 0 euro
Packet transmission: 1 eurocent per 1 kilobyte (0.01 euro/KB)
Content subscription: Both free and paid content will be available.
Content charge will be between 0 to 3 euro per month.
(1 euro = approx. 135 yen)

About NTT DoCoMo
NTT DoCoMo is the world's leading mobile communications company, serving more than 48 million customers. The company offers a wide variety of leading-edge mobile multimedia services, including i-mode®, which provides e-mail and internet access to over 41 million subscribers as the world's most popular mobile internet service, and FOMA®, launched in 2001 as the world's first 3G mobile service based on W-CDMA. In addition to wholly owned subsidiaries in Europe and North America, the company is expanding its global reach through strategic alliances with mobile and multimedia service providers in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. NTT DoCoMo is listed on the Tokyo (9437), London (NDCM), and New York (DCM) stock exchanges. For more information, visit

i-mode, FOMA are trademarks or registered trademarks of NTT DoCoMo, Inc. in Japan and other countries.
NTT DoCoMo's FOMA service is only available to subscribers in Japan.

COSMOTE, a member of the OTE Group, started commercial operations in Greece in April 1998, 5 years after its 2 competitors and in June 2001 was the only 3rd entrant to achieve 1st place in its market. Currently it has approximately 4 million customers in Greece with the leading market position and also has presence in 3 more Balkan countries: owns the leading mobile operator in Albania (AMC) and manages OTE' s mobile assets in Bulgaria (Globul) and FYROM* (COSMOFON). The Company in 2003 generated over 1.35 billion euro in revenues and 253 million euro in net profit. Both the Company's EBITDA margin (above 42%) and net profit margin (above 18%) remain consistently among the top 3 in Europe. COSMOTE is a Grand National Sponsor of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games.
For more information, please visit

*Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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