NTT DoCoMo Develops FOMA-Compatible Controller for Appliances

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TOKYO, JAPAN, March 30, 2004 --- NTT DoCoMo, Inc. announced today that it has developed a controller that enables home appliances to be operated with 3G FOMA® videophone handsets from virtually anywhere, further expanding the practicality of NTT DoCoMo's FOMA service.

The controller enables operations such as programming the recording of a TV program and then viewing the playback on the phone, turning air conditioners and lights on an off, and viewing live video from the controller's built-in camera, including automatically if the unit's built-in motion sensor detects movement. Video can also be transmitted from a FOMA phone for live viewing on a screen connected to the controller.

The controller is equipped for both infrared (IrDA) and cable connection to appliances. It also has a USB port for connection to computers and an I/O port for connection to external sensors.

The controller itself connects to the FOMA network via a data card that can be connected to the unit via a PC card slot.

People interested in participating in a field test as monitors may apply from April 5 to May 16, 2004 at (Japanese only). One thousand people will be selected as monitors and each provided with a controller. Monitors must have (or apply for) subscriptions to two FOMA lines (one line each for data card and mobile phone) and meet certain other conditions, including answering questionnaires about their experiences using the controller. Results from the field test will be used in developing a marketing plan for the controllers.

For more details, please see the attachment.


DoCoMo's Prototype
FOMA-Compatible Controller for Appliances
(width x depth x height) mm
Approx. 140 x 120 x 50
Weight (g) Approx. 300
Compatible terminals
Data cards (for insertion into controller):
  • FOMA F2402 and P2402
FOMA handsets (for operating controller):
  • FOMA N2102V and F2102V
  • FOMA N900i, F900i, P900i and SH900i (as of March 30, 2004)
*Other FOMA terminals equipped for videophone can only monitor live video sent from controller.
  • Built-in camera
  • Built-in motion detector
  • Ten-key operating panel
  • Infrared remote control (100 channels)
  • Superimposed guidance display
External interfaces
  • Infrared (IrDA)
  • Audio-video (input and output)
    Input: TV, video, external cameras, etc.
    Output: TV, video, projectors, etc.
  • PC card slot (for compatible FOMA data cards)
  • USB port (for PCs)
  • I/O port (for external sensors)
  • Infrared extension port
  • FOMA handset connection port

For application to participate in field test:
FOMA Future Project Secretariat (Japanese only)
Tel: 0120-624-600 (business days 10 AM to 6 PM, closed Sat., Sun. and holidays)

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