NTT DoCoMo to Revise 3G Packet Communications Charges:

Products & Services
- New Flat-Rate Data Service
- More Affordable Plans for Existing Per-Packet Rates

TOKYO, JAPAN, March 24, 2004 --- NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and its eight regional subsidiaries announced that they will offer unlimited access to the 3G FOMA® i-mode® mobile internet service and i-mode mail for a flat monthly rate of 3,900 yen for subscribers to the basic monthly plans FOMA Plan 67, FOMA Plan 100 and FOMA Plan 150 beginning June 1, 2004. In addition, they will also revise three FOMA packet plans by introducing more affordable plans for existing per-packet rates.

Applications for the plan, dubbed pake-hodai, will be accepted beginning May 20, 2004. An i-mode subscription (150 yen per month) is also required.

The flat-rate plan will be available to users of all 3G FOMA handset models. Network congestion may affect transmission speeds for flat-rate users.

The rate does not cover other packet communications, such as browsing the web via devices connected to a DoCoMo 3G handset. Discount plans for basic monthly charges and voice communications (family, one year, and two-month carry over discount plans) will apply.

Also, effective May 1, 2004, DoCoMo will revise three FOMA Packet Pack plans by introducing more affordable plans (up to 50% discounts) for existing per-packet rates. The allowances purchased with the packs cover charges for all packet communications, as shown in the chart. Plan 39 and 49 subscribers can also take advantage of the newly revised plans.

The allowances can also be used for a variety of non-packet communications charges, including voice.

By revising these various packet communications charges, DoCoMo expects to enhance i-mode's usefulness for business and personal use.

Current Planned Revision Discount Rate (yen)
Packet Pack 20:
Charge/Allowance 2,000 yen
Packet Pack 10:
Charge/Allowance 1,000 yen
- 50 % 0.1 / packet
Packet Pack 40:
Charge/Allowance 4,000 yen
Packet Pack 30:
Charge/Allowance 3,000 yen
- 25 % 0.05 / packet
Packet Pack 80:
Charge/Allowance: 8,000 yen
Packet Pack 60:
Charge/Allowance 6,000 yen
- 25 % 0.02 / packet

Please see the attachment for general details of the five FOMA basic monthly plans.

FOMA Basic Monthly Plans
Billing plan Monthly charge Communications allowance
Plan 39 3,900 yen 750 yen
Plan 49 4,900 yen 2,050 yen
Plan 67 6,700 yen 4,050 yen
Plan 100 10,000 yen 7,350 yen
Plan 150 15,000 yen 11,650 yen

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