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TOKYO, JAPAN, February 19, 2004 --- NTT DoCoMo, Inc. announced today that the N900i, the second handset in the new 3G FOMA® 900i series and distinguished by its stylish, arc-shaped side profile, will be released on February 22nd, 2004.

The 900i series, the most advanced series of FOMA i-mode® mobile phones ever to be released, features Macromedia® Flash™-equipped browser, HTML e-mail and avatar-capable videophone. Compared with the original series of FOMA phones, 900i models offer three times longer standby and weigh 20 percent less.

The main features of the FOMA N900i include:

  1. A sophisticated arc-shaped profile (when the phone is open) that is not only stylish, but also highly ergonomic.
  2. A CCD external camera with one mega-pixel effective resolution and two mega-pixel recorded resolution. Takes photos of up to 1,616 x 1,212 dots in size and comes with a 6.2-power, 16-step digital zoom.
  3. "DRAGON QUEST I", a popular role-playing game from Square Enix Co., Ltd.
  4. Chance Capture™ to record video clips beyond the normal time limit, and save clips of a certain time going back from the point where the stop button was pressed. (up to 15 seconds for small-frame clips in standard mode).
  5. miniSD™ reader-writer to view data on PCs that are stored on the miniSD memory cards in the phone, by using an optional FOMA USB connecting cable.
  6. Random Melody™ to enjoy randomly selected ringing tones from selected folders when receiving incoming calls and mails.

The N900i, like other 900i models, is equipped with a Macromedia Flash browser to enjoy rich content enhanced with highly fluid animation. It handles Flash applications of up to 100K (compared to 20K in 2G mova® 505i series). It also is equipped for richer, more sophisticated online games than ever before. Java®-based i-appli™ applications offer a 400K scratch pad and up to 100K for content/archiving (compared to 200K and 30K in existing FOMA models).

All 900i series handsets have high-resolution cameras ranging up to two mega pixels and a slot for either a MemoryStick Duo™ or miniSD memory card (depending on the model). For more details about the 900i series, please see the news release announced on December 18, 2003.

The N900i will be available through all DoCoMo Kanto-Koshinetsu area sales channels on February 22nd. The other eight regional subsidiaries will separately handle the timing of sales in their respective regions. The price of the handset, including a 16 MB miniSD Memory Card, will be open (unfixed). The standard accessory kit, including battery pack, AC adapter and desktop holder, will cost 3,500 yen. The optional FOMA USB connecting cable will cost 1,400 yen.

For more details about the FOMA N900i, please see the attachment.


Main Specifications of FOMA N900i Handset
Height x width x thickness
102 x 48 x 26 mm
Weight Approx. 115 grams
Static Stand-by Time* Approx. 430 hours
Dynamic Stand-by Time** Approx. 350 hours
Continuous Talk Time Approx. 140 minutes
Continuous Video Calling Approx. 90 minutes
Main LCD Approx. 2.2 inches; 65,536 colors; QVGA; TFT
Sub LCD Approx. 0.9 inches; 4,096 colors; STN
External Memory Device miniSD Memory Card
Camera (external) CCD camera
Effective resolution: 1 mega pixel
Recorded resolution: 2 mega pixels
Camera (inside) CCD camera
Effective resolution: 110,000 pixels
Colors Orange; Silver; Black

* Static stand-by time: An estimate of continuous stand-by time when the handset is motionless.

** Dynamic stand-by time: An estimate of continuous stand-by time when the handset remains closed and is in transit within an area where reception is normal.

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