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Pursuing Smart Innovation: HEART

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DOCOMO's corporate vision, Pursuing Smart Innovation: HEART, is the company's blueprint for achieving long-term growth by delivering new value to customers and an ever-changing society. DOCOMO is leveraging its considerable powers of innovation to align new growth initiatives with the challenges and opportunities of the current decade, which include accelerating globalization, environmental protection and global mobility.

Through innovation, DOCOMO is addressing the fast-changing needs of society. Innovation is especially crucial at a time when mobile technologies are rapidly diversifying and virtually everyone owns to a mobile phone.

Based on its corporate vision, DOCOMO is steadily enhancing the uniquely joyful and inspirational qualities of mobile communication, as well as pioneering innovative solutions to address pressing social needs. DOCOMO is partnering with a broad range of companies to connect people and society in smart, creative new ways for enhanced communications and quality of life.

Harmonize: Social contributions beyond borders and across generations

DOCOMO is strengthening and adding value to industries and daily lives through further evolution of mobile technologies. The aim is to help realize a modern society in which people interact more closely and experience the richness of life.

Evolve: Evolution of services and networks

Leveraging its vast mobile-centered technologies and knowhow, DOCOMO is helping to create ever-faster and higher-capacity broadband networks, easy-to-use services, and truly seamless devices and connections.

Advance: Industrial advancement through convergence

Diverse devices are being interconnected for ever-increasing convenience. By converging devices, networks, services and companies, DOCOMO facilities smart innovation and the advancement of industries and mobile infrastructure.

Relate: Relationships created through connections

DOCOMO enables users to connect with people, machines and information—free of time and space limits—to create and enjoy new value anywhere, anytime.

Trust: Customer trust based on safety, security and comfort

DOCOMO provides timely assistance and support for greater safety, security and comfort not only in daily life, but also special fields such as the environment, healthcare and education.

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  • announced on July 29, 2010

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